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Welcome to MARTIAL OPS:

MARTIAL OPS is a system that was first designed for ‘special operations’ personnel of the United States Armed Forces, law enforcement agencies and body guards that deals in high level and high risk situations. The system is very methodical, well balanced and teaches both the physical anatomy of an ‘altercation’ and the mindset that accompanies it. It’s an American based system that teaches how to defend and defeat  ‘bad’, not how to be bad! MARTIAL OPS was developed by a fellow American patriot, Mr. Tom Patire, who has spent most of his adult life protecting others as well as educating the people of our great nation on how to live a safer life. MARTIAL OPS was not developed with sport fighting or mixed martial arts in mind. The prime reason for its development was for the protection of one’s self, one’s family and as needs be – one’s country.

MARTIAL OPS was first introduced on a broad scale to members of the United States Armed Forces at Fort Bragg as additional support to the troops going overseas to give them an unarmed defense package to help keep them alive – especially when something went astray and/or their weapons were not operable, accessible or allowed. They needed a personal protection system that was based on a self-offensive, quick take-out mentality. MARTIAL OPS fit that bill. It was selected to be taught as an add-on in training because commanding officers felt that their present in-house tactics were grounded in traditional and ground fighting based maneuvers – and something else was needed.  MARTIAL OPS enhanced what they had, not because it was better but because it was different, and gave the soldiers and operatives a viable unarmed option to engage a hostile threat and come out on the life-saving end! Another plus about MARTIAL OPS is that it could be learned and retained in a relatively short time period. Why is this so important? Because the time allotment to train in hand-to-hand combat in the military and operative profession is very short compared to the weapon based training allotment.

MARTIAL OPS was designed with these people in mind, as well as the law abiding citizens of our great nation to engage threats under the worst and most violent conditions, when hand-to-hand personal protection skills are the final and ultimately, the only choice for survival.

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** America’s Personal Protection System **
Designed by Tom Patire with Safety of ALL Americans in mind!
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