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About Tom Patire:

Tom Patire is the Founder and Senior Instructor of  MARTIAL OPS Personal Protection System. Having spent nearly 30 plus years perfecting his skills in personal protection, Tom began at an early age as a student of the martial arts, which has been a key to his success in many aspects of his life. He is the creator of CDT® Control and Restraint System, the number one liability based tactical control system in the world, as well LRT® - Last Resort Tactics®. A system designed for mid-level defense.

Tom graduated from William Paterson University with a BA Degree in Human Movements and Science. He currently works as a celebrity bodyguard to named list of entertainers, sports figures, politicians and corporate executives. He has worked for celebrities and V.I.P.'s such as Rupert Murdoch, Chris Rock, Michael Jackson, Chuck Norris, Mike Myers, Jennifer Love-Hewitt, Phil Collins, Sting, Lady GaGa – just to name a few. He has also headed the protective details for Music Cares, The Grammy Awards, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, NFL and NBA events.

Tactics wise Tom holds certifications and clearance for municipal, state and federal law enforcement agencies as well as different branches of the military. He has had the privilege  of teaching at places like West Point, Fort Bragg, Camp Perry, Camp Charles, and many other elite and specialized training camps. He was called as an leading expert to testify for the Senate Committee on National Safety and was one of the first personal protection experts called by the airlines to design in-house defense programs for flight attendants. 

Known as America’s Leading Personal Protection Expert and the most publicized, sought-after bodyguard in the world, Tom appears on many television shows such as Montel, Rachael Ray, Geraldo At Large, Fox News, Good Morning America, CBS Morning Show, CNN News, A & E, MSNBC and Inside Edition. Additionally Tom has been featured in Fortune Magazine, Black Belt, Counter Terrorism, SWAT, The Wall Street Journal and many others. He’s the author of the  top selling family safety book entitle “Personal Protection Handbook, a how-to guide to absolutely everything you need to know to keep yourself, your family and your assets safe” published by Three Rivers/Random House and is available at .

Tom’s main reason for the development and implementation of MARTIAL OPS is a dedication to the United States of America and all the great people in it! Finally an innovative personal protection system developed with the American people in mind. A self preservation system designed by Tom Patire with the safety of ALL Americans in Mind!

MARTIAL OPS was first released to the military, then law enforcement, then the security world and now a ‘specialized’ ON-LINE version for people who care about preservation of life and the people they love.
designed by Tom Patire with the safety of ALL Americans in mind!

MARTIAL OPS is The FINAL Step In Personal Protection Training!

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